Melbourne, Australia — Sun, 21st September
Fajr: 4:44am (ends 6:11am)  –  Dhuhr: 12:14pm  –  `Asr: 3:39pm  –  Maghrib: 6:16pm  – `Ishaa': 7:39pm
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MYCentre Donations Progress for Phase 2
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Qurban 2014 - Pay in person or online
Your Qurban ... Will Save Lives. Slaughtered and distributed on the same day. The price of the Qurban is $100.

Payments can be in person made at MyCentre (31 Kraft Court, Broadmeadows). Limited Numbers - Please Register Now!

Payments can also be made online via Paypal (includes $5 online processing fee), press here:

View: Definition of Udhiyah/Qurban and the ruling thereon
MyCentre Eid Festival
IISNA, Balha Pastry & Tiba Restaurants presents MyCentre Eid Festival. 31 Kraft Court, Broadmeadows.
Saturday 4th October & Sunday 5th October
Lots of activities, rides, showbags and more. Stall hire available. More details to come.
Fiqh and Tawheed Sisters Class
Fiqh and Tawheed Sisters Class
Sister Samira @ Mycentre
Wednesdays 9:30am - 11:30am
Classes will be in Arabic and English
Monday Haddith Class - Sh. Salah Soueid
Shaykh Salah's weekly Monday class will recommence on the 22nd of September at Mycentre inshallah after Isha prayer.

Lecture series - 40 Hadith of An-Nawawi
Speaker: Shaykh Salah Souied
Every Monday after Isha (starting 22nd September) more..
Have you got the Will to die? Islamic Wills Workshop
Have you got the Will to die? Islamic Wills Workshop
When: 6-8pm, Saturday, 30 August 2014,
Where: MyCentre (31 - 35 Kraft Court, Broadmeadows, VIC)
Presented by Shaykh Furqan Jabbar in conjunction with more..
Biography of the Prophet - Lectures after Fajr
Summarized Seerah lectures only for the brave (after Fajr prayer). The biography of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) is essential for understanding Islam. Begins Monday August 11th after Fajr at MyCentre by brother Abu Hamza. Everyday except Friday.
Nouman Ali Khan @ Mycentre
Alhamdulilah, we are excited to announce that Nouman Ali Khan is coming to MyCentre tomorrow inshallah! Lecture starts after Maghreb. Free entry. Food available. 31 Kraft Court, Broadmeadows. more..
The Three Fundamentals - 10 week course at Mycentre
Topic: Usool Al-Thalaatha (The Three Fundamentals)
10 week course @ MyCentre studying this famous book
Starts Friday 15th August
Every Friday after Isha prayer for 10 weeks
Presenter: Arshad Abu Jafar more..
Eid & Ramadan Outcomes at Mycentre
Alhamdulilah during the month of Ramadan and Eid we were able to fundraise and collect donation for various causes.

For Mycentre stage 2 women prayer and recreation area: $300,000
Somalia - helping the poor: $1,500
Lebanon/Syria feed the fasting: $7,114.55 more..
New Opening Hours & Sports Bookings
Our new opening hours are 9am-10pm Monday-Friday and 12pm-8pm Saturday-Sunday. The indoor sports courts are available for bookings during these times. Please book in advance. Cancellation fees applies if notice is given within 24 hours.